How to Use the Read Option in Madden 22

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

The latest Madden series NFL 22 is out and devs have not changed much from its last year’s season in order of gameplay. So, if you’ve already played Madden NFL 21, the controlling options are the same in 22 as well. However, for the new players of Madden 22, it is important to know that the Read Option gives the QB (Quarter Back) the choice to run or hand it to a Running Back (RB), which is depending on their decision on the defense they’re noticing. Here in the below guide, let’s learn how to use the Read Option in Madden NFL 22.

How to Use the Read Option in Madden 22

Here is a complete yet quick guide to knowing how to use the Read option in Madden 22.

1. First of all, go to play type and pick a read option. At the time of choosing a play, scroll past and run till you find the option.

2. To pass the ball off once you snap the ball, hold A on your Xbox and X on the PlayStation once you hike. In order to field it, press LB on Xbox and L1 on PS.

3. If you want to run along with QB, then do not press anything and wait for sometimes for your QB to begin scrambling.

It is important to note that, ideally you will use this method with a QB that is active and very quick.

Another tip we want to give you is, if you are planning to field the ball then you will have to be very much careful as it can make a stumble easily and so you may lose your possession.

That’s how you can use the Read Option in Madden 22.

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