How to use the Read Aloud feature in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has recently introduced several features and performance improvements that have propelled its place to the second-most-popular web browser, just after Google Chrome. This browser comes pre-installed on Microsoft Windows devices, making it a viable alternative to Chrome.

Amongst the several unique features of Microsoft Edge, Read Aloud is one of the most used. This feature reads the contents of a web page aloud for users. This helps in multitasking. Also, it has the potential to remotely turn a piece of typed-out content into a podcast.

How to turn on Read Aloud mode in Microsoft Edge?

There are two ways of turning Read Aloud mode on in Microsoft Edge. These ways include turning it on via Immersive Mode or turning it on via the browser settings. We have extensively covered Immersive Mode and how it significantly improves the reading experience on Microsoft’s web browser.

Turning Read Aloud on via Immersive Mode

Step 1. Turn on Immersive Mode by following this guide.

Step 2. Hit Read Aloud from the new bar that pops up. This will begin the narration of these web pages.

Read Aloud mode in Microsoft Edge

Turning Read Aloud on via browser settings

It is worth noting that Immersive Mode is not supported on every web page. However, Read Aloud is supported across every website on the internet. Thus, on websites that do not support Immersive Mode, follow these steps to use the feature., a website that does not support Immersive Mode

Step 1. Open up a website that does not support Immersive Mode in Microsoft Edge.

The Settings and More option on Microsoft Edge

Step 2. Click on the ellipsis ‘⋮’ right beside your Edge profile picture. This will open up a settings menu. Alternatively, the Alt + F keyboard shortcut can be used to access the menu.

The settings menu in Microsoft Edge

Step 4. From this menu, navigate down to the Read Aloud option. This will begin the narration of the webpage.

Edge is narrating website

Alternatively, users can also utilize the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+U to begin the narration of the page.

Read Aloud has a lot of potential use-case scenarios. This feature is among the best perks of Microsoft Edge.

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