How To Use The PUBG Replay Controls

PUBG Replay Controls

PUBG is one of the most grossing games as gamers are getting crazy about the game. It’s quite usual that it will push the developers to put many new features on the games and one such feature was “PUBG replay controls”. This is the feature behind the trend of sharing cool clips of the game. Since the launch of the game it’s received many updates and one such update was PUBG replay controls which were an instant hit among users. So, if you want to know about how to use this new feature of PUBG, we will help you.

This feature is launched just for the PC version of the game. However, since the launch of this feature various talk has been going around regarding the launch of this feature on different platforms such as Android. Xbox, and others. But no official update is given regarding the launch of this feature. When any update on the launch of the feature for different platforms arrive, we will get to you with full information. So the list of replay controls of PUBG.

1. J key: – During the replay, a timeline always goes on in the bottom of the replay and J button is used to turn the timeline On or Off.

2. P key: – During the replay P button is used to Pause and Resume the replay of the game.

3. Up/down arrow key: – During the replay of the gameplay whenever you feel that you want to see this clip in slow motion or fast forward to the next scene you can use the arrow to change the speed of playback.

4. B key: – During the replay sometime while showing other characters in the gameplay you will feel that at this instance I should go back to my character. So B key is used to focus back on your character.

5. Ctrl + U: – This will hide or show the HUD. In the games. HUD is that area of the display where you will see various statistics of your character such as current health, armor level. Etc.

6. W, A, S, D keys:- During the gameplay whenever you feel that you should shift the camera a little bit forward, backward or left and right you can get to these controls as W will allow you to move camera Forward and A will allow you to move camera backward and S will take the camera leftward while D will take you to right.

7. E, Q keys: – During the replay whenever a user wishes to see the replay from a higher or lower point of view these two keys will help him as E will take the camera angle Up and Q will take the camera down.

8. Holding Shift or Ctrl key: – These two actions will allow you to increase or decrease the camera movement speed.

9. V or LMB key: – These keys will help you follow the selected player from first-person perspective (FPP). However sometimes this angle is not available. So this feature will work when available.

10. C or RMB key:-This will give you a third-person perspective (TPP) of the selected person if available.

11. F or Space: – Whenever you want to see every aspect of the game by freely moving through any part of the game. This key will help you as this key will help you to move the camera freely around the complete map.

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