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How to Use the Apex Legends Kraber .500-Cal Sniper Rifle Effectively

How to Use the Apex Legends Kraber .500 Cal

Apex Legends is a famous battle royale that features a wide range of weapons. Snipers are always one of the players’ favorite guns in battle games, and Apex Legends is not an exception. Several Sniper Rifles are available in Apex Legends, and choosing the best among them is entirely based on the Player’s playing style.

Kraber is a Sniper Rifle that you cannot get in every match. Therefore, it is better to use it in the best way when you get it. This guide will discuss how to use the Kraber .50-Cal sniper rifle in Apex Legends.

Best Use of Kraber.500-Cal Sniper Rifle in Apex Legends

Kraber is one of the best guns of Apex Legends when it comes to late game one-shot potential. In the late game, it is an unparalleled gun to take down a fully shielded enemy with full health. No matter how strong the shield or how much health the enemy has, Kraber can kill him with one headshot. That’s the reason why players can’t have Kraber in every game.

Because Kraber is a legendary weapon, there is no attachment available. Kraber comes fully equipped, and players don’t have the chance to change the attachments. It already has a 6x-10x optic and 8mm Backup ammo magazine that makes the gun ready for use as soon as players pick it up.

Like every other Sniper, while using Kraber, try to aim at the head because headshots triple the damage. For example, if you make a shot on the body using Kraber, it’ll do 145 Base Damage, but if you make a headshot with Kraber, it’ll do 435 Base damage. But you must not waste any shot of Kraber because you cannot reload the ammo of Kraber. So every shot you fire must hit the target.

That’s all you need to know about Kraber.50-Cal Sniper Rifle. It is a weapon that can change the whole match. No other late-game weapon is a match with Kraber, which means if you get a Kraber, you are already in an advantageous position. If you use it properly, you’ll get the victory.

If you want to know about Kraber and looking for a guide to help you, check out our guide to get help.

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