How to Use Photo Mode in Forspoken

 How to Use Photo Mode in Forspoken

The action role-playing game Forspoken focuses on Frey Holland, a young woman who transferred from New York City to a fantastical planet called Athia. Her magical abilities help her to survive and find her way home.

Forspoken’s inclusion of a dedicated photo option will almost certainly lead to gamers highlighting the beauty and aesthetics of their favourite games. Athia features many routes involving Freya’s powers, and she will exhibit excellent arcane and acrobatic talents, ideal for pictures. Let’s see in this guide, how to use photo mode in Forspoken.


How to Use Photo Mode in Forspoken?

Photo Mode in Forspoken lets users capture dynamic screenshots of in-game stills. It offers colour saturation, zooming, filters, depth of field, and many other features. By completing specific side missions, you can unlock more Photo Mode options.

Forspoken’s photo mode can be accessed by pressing the pause button and checking out the main menu. At the bottom of the screen, you will find a photo mode choice, allowing you to capture images of Frey and the surrounding areas.

When you complete detours for Cipal’s children, you’ll unlock more filters and borders. Capturing images around Athia and showing them to the children can unlock even more picture customization options.

This was all about how to use photo mode in Forspoken. We’ll have more information on the game soon, so be sure to check out our other guides so you don’t miss anything.

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