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How to Use Magic in New World

How to Use Magic in New World

One of the best parts of New World is that you are free to use any of the armor and weapons you like, and whenever you wish. You can have a musket on the back for ranged attacks or a longsword for some close fights. If you are a rigorously ranged warrior, then you can also carry a bow and you can also create magic with a gauntlet or staff. However, many players do not know how to use Magic in New World exactly. And so here we have prepared a quick guide for you. Let’s learn in the below guide.

How to Use Magic in New World

In New World, Magic is linked to the use of different types of weapons. So, to use Magic, you will first need to level up your focus attribute or intelligence and then choose any of the following 3 weapons.

1. Fire Staff (which is good for fire)

2. Life Staff (Good for protection and healing)

3. Ice Gauntlets (Let’s you use ice-based magic)

By using any of these 3 weapons is the only method to use Magic in New World as this game does not have any magic system or spell casting beyond these weapons.

In short, to use Magic in New World, level up your focus attribute or intelligence and then get your hands on any of these weapons through crating, looting, or trade store.

However, if you have no idea how to level up weapon skills, you need to kill enemies by using that weapon. So, if you want to level up, simply get into the quests and start playing the game. And sooner or later, you will start leveling up and also start earning weapon skill points. After that, you can use those points to unlock the magical abilities of the weapons.

That’s all – We hope this guide helps you to know How to use Magic in New World.

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