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How to Use Gravity Hammer in Halo Infinite

How to Use Gravity Hammer in Halo Infinite

Another weapon that has returned from the previous Halo franchise, besides the BR75, is the Gravity Hammer.  It has been a fan favorite and players are ready to try it out in the Ranked Arena.

Halo Infinite – How to use the Gravity Hammer

This bulky, close-ranged, melee weapon is great to take out singular or multiple Spartan in one smash. Since it carries a lot of weight, it is quite heavy to manoeuver it, making quick-hitting actions impossible. But the impact it does on the enemy makes up for the weight.

After charging it up, it has a high blast radius which helps you get multiple kills in an area. This is best when using it to jump on groups from above, and the weapon’s shock impact will knock the enemy Spartans back. When using it head-on, it is quite bulky and has a higher chance of pulling you away because of the weight, which in turn will make your escape quite difficult. Using it with a Grappling Hook will help you close the distance.

Using the Gravity Hammer will also make you vulnerable if you do not swing it fast enough. It takes 3 seconds for the hammer to hit the ground. If you can master the weapon then you will be unstoppable. Also, the Gravity Hammer consumes 10 energy points.

If you need to get a vehicle destroyed, the Gravity Hammer does the job easily. But this weapon is only suited for smaller, closed ranged maps like Recharge.

The Gravity Hammer has been immensely popular in the past and players are excited to try this weapon out in the latest installment too.

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