How to Use Glowstick in Phasmophobia

 How to Use Glowstick in Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia is a 2020 ghost-investigation game by Kinetic Games. When players start playing the game for the first time, it seems extremely scary and complicated. However, as you play more, things seem easy, though the scary vibes remain the same. Now, you can’t go for a ghost investigation bare-handed; you need to have some equipment and tools to detect the ghost type. Glowstick is one of them that players need to collect evidence to detect the ghost. This guide will help players know how to use Glowstick in Phasmophobia.

Guide to Use Glowstick in Phasmophobia- Check Fingerprint and Footprints

When you enter a haunted house in Phasmophobia, you have to search the house or the location thoroughly for the spawn location of the ghost and some items like bone or cursed objects. However, ghosts randomly spawn in Phasmophobia, so each time you enter a map, you must collect evidence to identify the ghost type. Glowstick is one of those items.

In the in-game Journal, you’ll find the list of evidence you require to identify ghosts, and each ghost has a different set of evidence. So, you have to look for the three evidence, among which fingerprint is one. During your investigation, you often find ghosts touch windows, doors, or items. Some ghosts leave behind fingerprints on the surface, while others don’t. However, these fingerprints can’t be visible without UV Lights. So, players need Glowsticks to check ghost fingerprints on doors and windows.

Apart from fingerprints, Glowstick can also be useful for checking the footprints of the ghost. However, Footprints can’t be accepted as evidence because all other ghosts except Wraith have footprints. So, whenever you get a footprint, you can only confirm the ghost is not Wraith; similarly, if there’s no footprint, it’s pretty sure that the ghost is Wraith.

Guide to Use Glowstick in Phasmophobia- Check Fingerprint and Footprints

Generally, footprints come on Salt, but if you don’t have salt, place Glowsticks randomly around the spawn location of the ghost, and you can see footprints on the ground. This will help you get some photos and get money.

Besides this holding Glowstick in hand lights the surrounding area, so if the lights are off and you don’t have a flashlight, a glowstick can help you find your way in the dark. But be careful when you are hiding somewhere. Holding a Glowstick in hand while hiding can summon your death. The ghost can see you and kill you in your hiding place. So, when the hunt is on, and you are in a hiding spot, either throw the glowstick out or scroll to another like a camera or salt or book that doesn’t have any light to attract the ghost.

That’s all you need to know about how to use Glowstick in Phasmophobia. Glowsticks are probably one of the most underrated items in Phasmophobia, but they actually help players click some significant images without wasting photos.


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