Halo Infinite

How to Use Ghost in Halo Infinite

How to Use Ghost in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite has seen the return of many classic weapons from the previous installments, so it comes as no surprise that the Ghost would also be on that list. Players have been using this airborne bike as a means to make a quick escape or even used to assault the enemy Spartans. Its powerful boost and attached plasma shooter make it all-in-one.

Halo Infinite – How to Use the Ghost 

Ghost is a single-rider vehicle. Driving the ghost is pretty straightforward. Once near the Ghost, press X to get into the rider’s seat. Use the appropriate buttons to maneuver the vehicle and adjust the camera. The Ghost is equipped with unlimited boosts to help you out of a sticky situation. In order to attack your opponents, the Ghost is also equipped with unlimited plasma ammo. The drawback is that the pulse itself gets released slowly, so it is unreliable in terms of fire rate. Also, the plasma cannons cannot be used as anti-vehicle weapon distance. Nevertheless is it great for taking down enemy shields.

The Ghost can be used to transfer the opponent’s flag zones. Transferring them to the right place will help you win the match. You can also disperse large groups of opponents if using the boost correctly. You need to time your attack properly since the boost takes a few seconds to reach its full potential.

Though it is great for a quick getaway, the Ghost is overall a weak vehicle. The armored front is pretty soft and you have no surrounding enclosure to keep yourself safe. You are a literal sitting duck if using the Ghost for combat.

Overall the Ghost is only best if used for what it was intended: to make a quick run and for assaulting single targets.

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