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How to Use BR75 Battle Rifle in Halo Infinite

How to Use BR75 Battle Rifle in Halo Infinite

A modern adaptation of the classic Halo 2 weapon, the BR75, aka, the Battle Rifle, is the default rifle that is given to players in Ranked Arena. This versatile, long-ranged weapon is the best in the game, so it is only apt that players should learn how to use a gun like this.

Halo Infinite – How to use the BR75

Here is a breakdown of the BR75

  • Weapon mode: Burst
  • Scope: Built-in
  • Magazine: 36/108
  • Ammo Type: Kinetic

This weapon is best used against Spartans who do not have a shield on it. With a shield, it takes around 11 shots to remove it, otherwise, you would just need to use one for a headshot or 5 for the body. It is one of the best long-range weapons out there. The precision of the scope is perfect for long-distance headshots.

During close combat, you would have better luck with an assault rifle than the BR75. While attempting the weekly challenges, you can complete the mission of killing 10 enemies and killing Spartans with headshots using this gun. You can easily find the BR75 across all the Ranked Arena maps.

Even though it is a strong and deadly gun, it is not as flexible as the other guns in the game like a Commando. You will need to keep aiming at your target for longer than usual to keep the gun steady. Overall the BR75 is still a great gun to use.

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