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How to Use and Upgrade Guard in Lost Judgment

How to Use and Upgrade Guard in Lost Judgement

Knowing how to protect Yagami throughout the game is an essential task as it will improve your abilities and so it will be much more effective. Furthermore, to keep your health bar full throughout the game, you should know about the Yagami’s Guard and how to upgrade them in Lost Judgment.

How to Guard in Lost Judgment

In order to Guard in Lost Judgment, you simply need to press and hold down the L1 or LB button. But, it is important to note that it won’t work against opponents’ power moves. When your opponent is about to start using a power move, you will come to know by its glowing aura.

Also, you can press L1 or LB when your enemy starts attacking you to block. By doing this, you will get some more freedom to get certain attacks or utilized objects in your surroundings to your benefit when you do not need to have your guard. Now, let’s learn in the following, how to Upgrade Guard in Lost Judgment.

How to Upgrade Guard in Lost Judgment

In Lost Judgment, you may upgrade Yagami’s Guard by buying several skills from the skill tree. Below we have listed how to upgrade the guard in Lost Judgment.


– Re-guard: Hold down L1 as soon as your guard is cracked. It will block it again quickly

– Guard Roll: Execute an evasive roll from a guard by pressing X and holding L1

– Perfect Guard: When any enemy attacks, press L1 to open perfect guard

– Heart of a Champion: With every spell, you block, charge up the Ex Gauge 


– Projectile Counter Blue Flame: This is always active at the time of Ex Boost

– Projectile Counter: Press L1 to catch and throwback weapons dropped at you as they are likely to hit Yagami.


– Serpent Strike: When the enemies use melee attacks, you need to press L1 and add some extra strikes to parries

– Scare and Overwhelming Parry: Press L1 and increase the probability to scare enemies when they parrying successfully

– Snake Hidden Arts Lv. 1 and 2: It allows immunity to knockdowns temporary after a successful parry and spreads Snake’s Hidden Arts duration

– Secret of the Snake: The Hidden Arts of Snake will last even after you swap styles. When you activate Hidden Arts, you can reset the effect time

– Ex Waterfall Crus: After Parrying to trigger a skill, press Triangle

We recommend grabbing these upgrades to progress through the game effortlessly. You simply need to select to buy from the skill tree. But remember, you must have the required skill points to obtain them.

That’s all for this guide on how to Use and Upgrade Guard in Lost Judgment.

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