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How to Use/Access Photo Mode in Far Cry 6

How to Use Access Photo Mode in Far Cry 6

Fry Cry 6 also features photo mode which can be used to capture some stunning scenery of Yara. Or you will want to take pictures of the beautiful sunset as you roam around the tropical islands. These pictures you can use in the background. This mode has several in-depth features which you should know. Many players have no idea how to use Photo Mode in Far Cry 6, let’s know how to use it.

How to Use Photo Mode in Far Cry 6

Check out the following several Photo Mode in Far Cry 6.

1. Camera View: You can easily switch from 1st and 3rd person view

2. Hide Animals/People: In order to remove some unwanted photobombs, you can use this feature to hide animals/people from backgrounds.

3. Player Pose: There are different 28 poses to choose from

4. Filter: 6 different filters to choose from

5. Acid Effect: Make your photo even beautiful with the Acid Effect such as EMP Grenade Effects and Poison Clouds

6. Mode: You can switch from Live mode or Studio mode

7. Players Facial Expression: There are several facial expressions so that you can match your mood

8. Weather: Several weather effects

9. Models: Add up different items from the game to enhance the photo

These are some of the notable effects which you can use to enhance the photo. There are several other modes you can use such as brightness, vignette, grain, etc.

To use this Photo Mode in Far Cry 6, open up the menu >> System tab >> Select Photo Mode. However, you cannot access this photo mode in the middle of the air to capture some beautiful aerial shots. Once you are in the Photo Mode, you can access several button options such as high the UI, Rotate, Reset, Ascend/Descend, and much more.

That’s all for this guide on How to Use Photo Mode in Far Cry 6.

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