How to Use a Skin Pouch in Sons of The Forest

Debarun Joardar
Debarun Joardar

Sons of the Forest is a survival horror game that amps up surviving and horrors. Surviving means making traps, acquiring weapons, food and water. And it does so not only in case of the game and its atmosphere that includes dark tunnels, that will traumatize people with claustrophobia, monsters that will give you nightmares, hordes of hungry cannibals, sharks that will dig out that buried fear from the days of Subnautica and a lot more, but also with its quests. That being said, while the cannibals go out of their way to send chills down your spine, it would not seem like a bad idea for revenge to flaunt your fanny pack made out of their skin? Right? You are curious how to craft one, right? This is how. 

How to Use a Skin Pouch in Sons of The Forest

What Do the Skin Pouches Do in Sons of the Forest?

Cannibal villages are where you can purchase Skin Pouch. You can locate some Skin Pouch by looking in their shelters or by keeping an eye out for the fire. Additionally, cannibals frequently wear this item as a fanny bag, so there’s a possibility you could acquire a Skin Pouch by eliminating a few foes.

However, you cannot use the Skin Pouch for its original function regardless of how you obtain it. Skin Pouches are small receptacles that hold valuable loot, so to speak. In Sons Of The Forest, you must place a Skin Pouch in your backpack before selecting it and using it by pressing the Use option in the crafting interface. You will discover one to three consumable things inside the skin bag once it has opened. These can be products such as pills, adhesive tape, energy bars, feathers, or other items.

A Skin Pouch that has been used will no longer be available for use. It would be odd, though, if you chose to carry the knapsack and use a wallet made of human flesh. We do not, however, dispute that some players may find this object repulsive. You can therefore complete the game without taking up any of these things if you don’t want to hold the Skin Pouch in your palms. There won’t be anything more severe, but you will lose some consumables. All products are available in numerous other locations.

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