How to Upgrade Weapons in Second Extinction

Like all first-person shooters game, weapons play a very important part as they can be used for both defense and offense. In Second Extinction, weapons are very much important as you need to deal with several dinosaurs. In the beginning, you will notice that most of your weapons are a bit underpowered and so they need to be upgraded. Let’s learn here how to upgrade weapons in Second Extinction.

How to upgrade weapons in Second Extinction?

Before you upgrade any weapons in Second Extinction, you have to complete at least one mission in the game (tutorial missions are not included).

As you progress, check out for all types of items dead dinosaurs drop. You just have to walk over them, and you’ll pick those items up automatically. You can see the details of these items on the screen. Then, complete these missions and when you’ll come back to the main menu, you’ll see a message indicating that now you can upgrade your weapons. Now, we come to the main point of how to upgrade weapons in Second Extinction.

To begin the upgrading process, first of all, you need to go to the Armory and go to the Weapons tab. Select a weapon that you want to upgrade. To upgrade any weapon, it is necessary to buy Upgrade Tokens. It will cost research points, and your weapon can have up to 10 at a time. It means you need to pick and select which upgrades you want for your guns carefully as they will be finished so quickly.

Next, you have now some Upgrade Tokens, choose a category for an upgrade. Also, you’ll need to spend research points while unlocking each slot to keep the Upgrade Tokens.

This will be required only when you upgrade early, but as you go ahead in the game, you’ll notice that looted items from dinosaurs you destroyed can also spend while upgrading. Go ahead in the game and keep killing more and more dinosaurs, and eventually, you’ll get sufficient items for more upgrades.

That’s all you need to know about how to Upgrade Weapons in Second Extinction. Also learn How to Fix Second Extinction Crash at Startup and Not Launching Problem.

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