How to Upgrade Weapons in Nier Replicant

Nier Replicant has several bosses and mini-bosses that you would fight at each stage of the game. While the basic weapons are great, the game features a range of upgrades and new weapons that you can acquire along the way to take on tougher enemies. If you are wondering how to upgrade weapons in NieR Replicant, this guide is for you. It’s a simple process that you should know as you start the game.

How to Upgrade Weapons in Nier Replicant

As you start the game there is no option to upgrade the game. It’s when you finally reach the Junk Heap that the ability to upgrade weapons unlocks. In this area, you will come upon the Two Brothers Weaponry that allows you to collect resources from various side quests or purchase the resources to upgrade weapons.

Nier Replicant has a lot of side quest and most of them reward you with rare materials that can be turned in for upgrades. If you have the coins, most of the resources are also available for purchase. Some of the rarest resources can be obtained by fishing and catching the variety of fishes available in the game.

upgrade weapons in Nier Replicant

To upgrade weapons in Nier Replicant, you need the specific resource to upgrade a particular weapon and the required amount of money to perform the upgrade. Once you have the two, you can upgrade the weapons to a max of level 4. To actually perform the upgrade when you have the necessary items with you, go to the Two Brothers Weaponry and interact, choose to strengthen the weapons, select the weapon you want to upgrade and you are good to go.

Besides getting a stronger weapon with the upgrade, you would also want to get the upgrade for the backstory that it unlocks. The developers have invested a lot of time in the stories and it’s worth knowing.        

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