How to Upgrade Forge to Level 7 in Valheim

If you have already upgraded the Forge to level 6, the game has another level for you to upgrade the Forge. Although it’s a lot of work gathering resources to craft the items to upgrade the Forge, it’s worth the effort as each upgrade promises the ability to craft unique items in the game, especially weapons and armor. So, if you are wondering how to upgrade Forge to Level 7 in Valheim, keep scrolling through the post.

How to Upgrade Forge to Level 7 in Valheim

For the previous upgrades of the Forge, you would have built all of these items and placed it near the Forge – Forge Cooler, Anvils, Smith’s Anvil, Forge Toolrack, and Grinding Wheel. To upgrade Forge to level 7 in Valheim, you are required to build the Forge Bellows.

As you have upgraded the Forge previously, you already know the steps, but here is a drill down on how to upgrade the Forge.

To upgrade the Forge to the next level, you have to build an additional item and place it near the Forge and it will be automatically updated.

To unlock the Forge Bellows and upgrade the Forge to level 5, you need to acquire Iron and Chain in the game. The Chain is dropped by Wraiths. There may be a way to craft it as well. If you know, share in the comments. Once you have unlocked the recipe, you need 5 Wood, 5 Deer Hide, and 4 Chain to craft the item and upgrade the Forge to level 5.

Once you have the resources, pick Hammer from the Inventory, then, switch to the Crafting tab. Click on Craft to make the Forge Bellows. Once it done, use LMB to place it near the Forge and it will be upgrade to level 7.

That’s all we have in this guide, check out the game category to know more.

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