How To Unlock Spider-Man: Miles Morales Camouflage Skills – Cost Guide

As you progress with Spider-Man: Miles Morales, there are three skills trees you can acquire over the course of the campaign. You will gain in skills and power as the game progresses and as more challenging foes come your way. Venom, Camouflage, and Combat are all the skill paths in the game. The Camouflage skill is obvious – it makes the Miles invisible and is one of his unique traits among other Spider-Mans, if you have seen the Marvel’s Spider-Man Series.

We don’t need to tell you the benefits of going invisible, but the game has special missions and side activities that are dedicated to stealth. The Camouflage skill of Miles is highly recommended when you embark on such missions. In this guide, we will show you how to unlock Spider-Man: Miles Morales camouflage skills.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Camouflage Skills Guide – How to Unlock & Cost

You need skill points to unlock Skills in the game. Skill points are granted when you complete the main campaign missions, but to unlock more of them and gain access to the entire three skill trees you need to complete the side activities as well. The game also has 9 challenge skills besides the skill tress, you need to complete the challenge missions to unlock the 9 skills in Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Here is how to unlock all skills in the Camouflage skills tree.

It costs 1 skill points to unlock each skill in the game.

Camouflage Skill NameLevel RequiredDetails
Concealed PresenceLevel 7Camouflage Energy refills 20% faster.
Measured ResponseLevel 7Attacking while Camouflaged costs less Camouflage Energy.
Unseen StrikeLevel 8When defeating an enemy with Venom attacks, the final blow doesn’t cost Camouflage Energy.
Never See It ComingLevel 11Venom Punch does bonus damage when used while Camouflaged.
Patient Spider  Level 12Increases the maximum amount of Camouflage Energy, allowing you to remain invisible longer.
Web Cocoon Bomb  Level 13Hold L1+R1 to yank down stealth cocooned enemies, causing them to impact the ground and web up nearby enemies.
Blinding Light  Level 14Press L3+R3 while Camouflaged to trigger a blinding flash of light that reveals you and stuns surrounding enemies.
Unseen Force  DLCWhile Camouflaged, the Combo counter no longer resets, and a bonus Combo point is generated per attack.

All the camouflage skills in the game are useful and play a crucial at different times, but if we were to select the best Spider-Man: Miles Morales Camouflage Skills, they would be Concealed Presence, Unseen Strike, Patient Spider, and Blinding Light. If you are experiencing the Error Code CE-34878-0 on PS4 while playing the game, you can refer to the linked guide for a range of solutions. If you are unable to download the game on PS5 with error CE-107867-9, refer to this guide.

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