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How to Unlock Manifolds in Among Us

How to Unlock Manifolds in Among Us

Unlocking the Manifolds is a task common across all the three maps in Among Us. Although there are various tasks with varying levels of difficulty and duration, the manifold creates most problems for new players. With the recent popularity of the game and over 50 million downloads, if you are a newbie at the game and wondering how to unlock Manifolds in Among Us, you have come to the right place.

The task is particularly difficult as the game requires you to enter two different sets of codes one numerical and the other alphabetical. Players can sometimes have difficulty entering the codes as the game does not provide much information on what the codes are.

When I first started playing, I had to guess the codes by pressing each one and repeating the process until I knew the pattern of all the green buttons, but there’s a secret we discovered after a few plays. Stick around and we will share all there is to know about unlocking the manifold.

How to Unlock Manifolds in Among Us

All the maps in the game has the manifold as a task. In Mira HQ and The Skeld, it’s located in the reactor room and on Polus, you can find it in the Specimen Room. Unlike some other tasks in the game, it should not take long for you to unlock the Manifolds, that is after you know the trick.

When you try to open the manifolds, a key combination will pop up, you need to enter the right key codes in order to unlock the manifolds. However, the key codes are not provided and this leads to confusion. Ultimately, the player takes too much time and leads to suspicion among other crewmembers. The key combination has 10 keys with numbers on them.

If you notice, you will see all the numbers present from 1 to 10. You need to press one button at a time starting with 1 and going all the way to 10. Every time, the game loads, the sequence of the numbers change but the code pattern remains the same, which is to enter the number in ascending order.

Unlike some other tasks in the game, not all crewmembers will get the opportunity or will be required to complete the unlock the manifold task. However, there is a danger associated with this task. You may be easy pickings for the imposter as you will be in an isolated location with no other crew member around. There is one vent that opens right in front of the manifold interaction menu in the Mira HQ map, while the Skeld map has two vents in the area. Fortunately, if you are playing on Polus, there are no vents.

If an imposter pops out of the vents, run and run or it will most likely be your death. However, now that you know the codes, it’s a very quick task and unless you hang around for longer, the imposter may not reach you in time.

So, that how you unlock the manifolds in Among Us. Check out the game category for more informative guides and tips on improving the connectivity.

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