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How to Unlock Horses in Far Cry 6

How to Unlock Horses in Far Cry 6

Different types of horses are one of the important and useful modes of transport that you can use. But, before you start using them, you will have to unlock them. In Yara, you will explore several saddled horses and ride them like normal vehicles. Also, you can summon horses at Pickup Points. Apart from this, several other wild horses are available but very tough to get as you will need to creep up to them and mount them or they will run away. Let’s find out how to unlock horses in Far Cry 6.

How to Unlock Horses in Far Cry 6

There are many ways to unlock horses in Far Cry 6. Check out below:

1. One of the most common ways to unlock horses in Far Cry 6 is to scan different horse breed using your mobile phone. Make sure to go close to them before you start scanning and get the information of their breeds. Once you scan them, they will be available to all Pickup Points and you can call them from there.

2. Another way to unlock horses is to hijack them but this method is for some other special types of horse breeds which are used especially by the military and so you can’t scan. Also, you can find a spot where they’re situated mostly across military bases. Mount any of them and drive to the closest Pickup Point. After this, this type of horse breed will also be unlocked and you can summon and ride.

That’s all for this guide on How to unlock Horses in Far Cry 6.

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