How to Unlock Crafts in Everspace 2

Like any open-world game, crafting is also central in Everspace 2. You can upgrade existing equipment or get new after you have the crafting ability. But, the ability to craft is not unlocked by default in the game. In order to unlock craft in Everspace 2, you need to find trading posts. These posts are scattered throughout the world and you will find a few in the initial tutorial zone. When you arrive at a trade post, you will want to purchase the item named Cargo unit. It will unlock the craft ability besides other things. Keep scrolling to know more about crafting in Everspace 2.

How to Unlock Crafts in Everspace 2

To unlock Crafts in Everspace 2, you need to purchase one cargo unit. Besides unlocking craft, it will also boost the cargo capacity. Before you start crafting, ensure that you at least have on slot free in your inventory.

Then, press the R key to open the craft interface. If you have blueprints, it will be displayed here. You can use the blueprints to create items similar to other games. You can also see the items required to craft the components. Besides obtaining materials from the universe, you can also dismantle items to get the resources you require.

How to Craft Items in Everspace 2 Using Blueprints

The crating in Everspace 2 is quite similar to other games with slight distinction. You require blueprints in order to craft components of your ship. As you progress through the game and complete missions, you will get new blueprints. Don’t forget to explore shipwrecks and other places in the world as they hold rare blueprints. However, you will have to spend more credits in order to craft rare items. The rarer the blueprint the more credit you will have to spend. Dismantling can also unlock new blueprints in the game.

Once you have the blueprint, open the crafting interface as explained above and being the crafting process. There is a lot you can experiment with.

That concludes our guide on how to craft items in Everspace 2 using blueprints.

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