How to Unlock all Skins and Headgear in Multiplayer—Sniper Elite 5

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Unlocking multiplayer skins and headgear will help you blend better into your surroundings. In this guide, we will see how to unlock all the skins and headgear available in Multiplayer mode in Sniper Elite 5. 

How to Unlock all Skins and Headgear in Multiplayer—Sniper Elite 5

To get all the skins and headgear, you will have to achieve the required multiplayer rank. Here we will see how to unlock them all in Sniper Elite 5. 

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Below are the multiplayer ranks needed to unlock the required skin and headgear. 

SkinRank required
555th Airborne1
Resistance Fighter (Female)1
German Infantry1
German Engineer1
Marie Chevalier2
Ausland Spy4
Resistance Fighter (Male)6
German Spotter8
Harry Hawker10
German Sniper12
Monika Grep14
Kriegsmarine Infantry16
Charlie Barton18
German Field Officer20
Jeff Sullivan22
German Elite Sniper24
US Paratrooper26
German Support Jager28
Kriegsmarine Officer30
Imperial Japanese Naval Officer32
German Scientist34
High Ranking Ijn Officer38
Sturmbannführer Friedrich Vogel40
Obergruppenfuhrer Abelard Moller43
Lieutenant Karl Fairburne46
Ghillie Suit Sniper50
HeadgearRank required
Partisan Beret (Blue)1
Partisan Beret (White)1
Partisan Field Cap1
Partisan Service Cap1
US Soldier Helmet1
German Infantry Helmet (Black)1
German Field Cap1
German Engineer Cap1
Marie’s Beret2
Partisan Beret (Brown)6
German Infantry Cap8
Monika’s Cap14
Partisan Visor Cap18
German Jager Helmet28

These are all the skins and headgear available after unlocking a certain rank in multiplayer mode for Sniper Elite 5. These are purely cosmetic in nature and offer no added benefits or bonus attributes if equipped. If you like this guide, you can check out our other guides as well. 

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