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How to Unlock All Law Titles in Tales of Arise

How to Unlock All Law Titles in Tales of Arise

Certain titles in Tales of Arise unlock as each character progresses through the story, but to unlock some titles you need to fulfill specific requirements. The skills you can unlock after the titles are unlocked make it worth it to pursue fulfilling the specific requirements. Each character in the game has a range of titles they can unlock. Law is particular has a range of titles she can unlock. Keep reading and we will show you how to unlock all Law titles in Tales of Arise.

Tales of Arise – How to Unlock All Law Titles

Here are all the Law titles you unlock naturally as you progress through the story as well as those that require special attention.

Titles Unlocked Via Story Quests

  • Mournful Son and Snake Eye Turncoat – To unlock you need to fight on top of the Tower
  • Intervener – Unlocked while searching for Almeidrea
  • Bumbling Fighter Extraordinaire – During Regroupong

Titles with Specific Requirements

  • Prince of Iron Fists – Unlocked when you have successfully used 3 boost attacks
  • Unbreakable Fists – Complete Novice Solo Training Grounds with the character
  • Armor Breaker – Break armored enemies 40 times with a boost attack
  • Bounty Hunter – Unlocked for ‘Claiming a Bounty’ sub-quest
  • Silver Wolf Reawakened – Unlocked for ‘Refreshing Roughhousing’ sub-quest
  • Caretaker – Unlocked for ‘Pharia Ranch’ sub-quest
  • Growing Boy – To unlock you need to cook 7 meals
  • Calves of Steel – Accomplish leg strike proficiency to 700 to unlock
  • Noisy Ninja – DLC Title
  • Serious Diver Boy – DLC Title
  • High School Heartthrob  – DLC Title

So, these are all the titles in Tales of Arise that Law can unlock.

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