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How to Unite the German Nation in Victoria 3

How to Unite the German Nation in Victoria 3

It is no secret that Victoria 3 can boast the perfect state-management system. Here you can take care not only of internal affairs but also become a diplomat and make responsible international decisions. And by reading this guide, you will find out how to unite the German nation and create Germany in Victoria 3.

Where is Germany in Victoria 3

You will notice that the geopolitical map significantly differs from the actual map, even from the first seconds of playing Victoria 3. Germany is one of the most important actors that need to be added to this map. This majestic state is divided into 30 tiny states that have their government and other attributes of a working state. Below, you can see the list of all states that replaces Germany in Victoria 3.

  • Alsace-Lorraine
  • Austria
  • Bohemia
  • Moravia
  • Styria
  • Tyrol
  • South Tyrol
  • Slovenia
  • Transdanubia
  • Pomerania
  • North Rhine
  • Brandenburg
  • Silesia
  • West Prussia
  • East Prussia 
  • Posen
  • Bavaria
  • Franconia
  • Baden
  • Elbe
  • Westphalia
  • Anhalt
  • Rhineland
  • Schleswig-Holstein
  • Wurttemberg
  • Hanover
  • Brunswick
  • Saxony
  • Hesse
  • Mecklenburg

How to Unite German Nation in Victoria 3

Once you know where Germany is in Victoria 3, it is time to discover how to unite this nation. The fact is that you must control over 19 german-nation states to create Germany in Victoria 3. After doing it, open the Nation Formation menu and click on the button Form Germany. Even though it might sound straightforward, this process is complex and requires a lot of effort.

The foremost thing you should know is that states differ significantly. For example, Saxony is a pretty small state with strong Nationalistic ideas in the society, while Prussia is the most significant state that does not want to become a part of Germany. Therefore, you should find a unique approach while conquering every state.

Also, you should remember that when you create Germany, lacking states will not be added to the unit. Moreover, these states are more likely to form a coalition against Germany. Therefore, conquering the most considerable states like Prussia, Bavaria, Hannover, and others would be best. 

In conclusion, you should take control over 19 german-nation states to create a Germany in Victoria 3. And the more states you control, the better political situation you will get in the result. So, be ready to spend a lot of time and resources on it. 

Meta Description: Uniting German Nation in Victoria 3 requires you to control 19 german-nation states. To reach the stable situation you should conquer 3 biggest states.

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