How to Unbrick Dead Vivo Y51, Y51A, or Y51L

How to Unbrick Dead Vivo Y51, Y51A, or Y51L

Vivo Y51, Y51A, or Y51L are some of the latest smartphone models. There are always some issues that are unexpected in smartphones. For example, the device might lead to a boot loop or soft-brick. To fix this issue is quite challenging but fortunately, by following the complete below troubleshooting guide, you will get back your dead Vivo Y51, Y51A, or Y51L. Let us find out how you can give life to your dead device.

How to Unbrick dead Vivo Y51, Y51A, or Y51L

To unbrick dead Vivo Y51, Y51A, or Y51L device, first of all, we need to download a couple of firmware which we will need during the process. Here in the following, we have mentioned all of them.

Basic requirements

– First, you need to download the Stock Firmware for your Vivo Y51A, Y51, or Y51L phone. To download, there are no specific sites to download but if you will search on the internet, you will get several reliable sources to download. Once you’ll get it, extract it to a convenient location on your computer.

– Next, download QPST Tool and install it on your PC. It will be used to flash the firmware on the bricked phone.

– Last but not least, you will also need to install the Qualcomm 900 drivers on your PC which is very important. These drivers will help PC to identify your phone in the Emergency DownLoad Mode (EDL).

Once you get these three basic requirements, now you can proceed to follow steps to unbrick a dead Vivo Y51A, Y51, or Y51L.

Steps to Unbrick Dead Vivo Y51, Y51A, or Y51L

Go with the following step-by-step guide and give life to your dead Vivo Y51, Y51A, or Y51L.

1. First of all, open the backside of your phone and remove the battery.

2. Next launch the QPST Tool on your computer and click on the Load XML button.

3. Now you need to load the XML file which comes with the “no_qcn” tag.

4. Once done, next connect your phone to the computer using a USB cable and short the test point to restore your Vivo Y51A, Y51, or Y51L.

5. Now, that tool will detect the Qualcomm Port 9008, which indicates that the connection is successful.

6. Next, go ahead and press the Download button. Now, the flashing process will begin and will take a few minutes.

7. Once the Flashing is done, you can remove your phone from the computer and place the battery back and then boot your phone by pressing the Power key.

Done! You have successfully restored your dead Vivo Y51A, Y51, or Y51L. Isn’t that a simple process! If you know any other steps or if you have any queries, let us know in the comment section below.

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