How to Turn Off/Disable Raytracing in Xbox Series X

Ray Tracing is an amazing technology supported by next-gen consoles. Most AAA titles released this year offered Ray Tracing. But, the technology is demanding and can sometimes put your Xbox Series X under strain. As such you must be wondering how to turn off/ disable raytracing in Xbox Series X to boost in-game performance.  

If you are not aware of what raytracing is, here is the basic rundown. For people who are not familiar, in simple words…Ray tracing is a technique that renders the lighting in video games to behave just as similar as it would in real life. It can enhance one’s gaming experience from good to great.

Every Gamer has their specifics when they play a game, some like to play with Ray Tracing On and some with Off. Here in this article, we would guide you through the steps to turn off raytracing in Xbox Series X.

Xbox became the first-ever console that has full Ray tracing capabilities for games that supports it.

How to Turn Off/Disable Raytracing in Xbox Series X

Well, it sometimes depends on the game that you play. Some developers do not choose to provide an option to turn off Ray Tracing, meanwhile, some developers do. This is how one can Turn Off/disable Ray Tracing.

– The very first step is to go to settings from your Xbox controller. So that’s the burger menu looking button on your controller.

– Once you go to settings, you’ll see various tabs to different settings options, at the end you’ll see a tab for Graphics settings where you could adjust the graphics for specific games.

– When you click on the Graphics tab, a submenu will open, and at the end of the submenu, you’ll see Ray Tracing options. So what you want to do is Disable this.

– After disabling Ray Tracing, what you should do next is to reboot the game you disabled Ray Tracing of. When it’s done you should go to settings and then to the Graphics tab just to make sure that the settings regarding Ray Tracing you changed have been saved/updated.

– When you make sure of that, you’re done with Ray Tracing disabling and good to go to play the game.

– Players who wish to enjoy the graphics that has real-life shadows and lighting enabled then Ray Tracing won’t disappoint you, games like Minecraft and Call of Duty truly makes a difference in terms of visuals in-game. But to experience a game at 4k Ray Tracing then it may require an expensive setup.

To conclude this, Ray Tracing won’t provide any competitive advantages to players in the game but it provides breathtaking real-life lighting and shadows to the game.

If all you need at the end of the day is to play a game then Ray Tracing won’t make that big of a deal being enabled or disabled. You can just turn it Off from the given above steps and turn it on again any day you wish to.

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