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How to Travel to Isezaki Ijincho (Yokohama) in Lost Judgment

How to Travel to Yokohama in Lost Judgment

In Lost Judgment, Yagami will need to travel around Yokohama and Komorocho as quickly as possible to solve the cases. The main story of this game is not only limited to one particular location. And so, Yagami needs to travel mainly in two areas – Kamurocho and Yokohama. She roams around these cities to find out the clues. The game starts in Kamurocho and for half an hour of the play, you will remain in this location only. After a while, Yagami receives a call of Sugiura and he invites him and Tsukumo to visit his new detective company named Yokohama 99. So, they want to visit there. But, many players don’t know how to travel to Isezaki Ijincho (Yokohama) in Lost Judgment and so the following guide will be helpful.

Let’s find out here how to travel to Yokohama (Isezaki Ijincho) in Lost Judgment.

How to Travel to Isezaki Ijincho (Yokohama) in Lost Judgment

Travel to Isezaki Ijincho (Yokohama) in Lost Judgment is pretty easy and simple. All you need to do is to travel to Yokohama and meet Tsukumo and Sugiura by taxi. When you get into the taxi, select Isezaki Ijincho and pay its fare. Then, you will be taken to a new map. When you reach Yokohama, first of all, go straight to the Yokohama 99 before doing anything on this new map. Once you complete the mission, you can then explore this new map. And then, you are allowed to travel between Yokohama and Kamurocho by paying a taxi fare.

That’s how you can travel to Isezaki Ijincho (Yokohama) in Lost Judgment. Are you still in search of some more guides on Lost Judgment? Do not miss to go through our others guides and post on our website.

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