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How to Throw Grenades in Battlefield 2042

How to Throw Grenades in Battlefield 2042

Using grenades in Battlefield 2042 Multiplayer lets you do a ton of damage in a single throw. In addition, the added benefit is the blast covers a decent area. Also, grenades are best used on bunkers or indoors. So, if there are any campers in the game, you can use grenades to flush out your enemies outright. Here we are going to learn how to throw grenades in Battlefield 2042.

How to Throw Grenades in Battlefield 2042

To throw grenades in Battlefield 2042 is pretty simple. You only need to press Up on your D-Pad to pull it out and then press RT/R2 button to throw. If you are playing on PC, then you need to press “G”.

Grenades are the best way to clear out a large group of enemies in no time. You can also use grenades on those who are hidden in pillboxes or bunkers.

If you are new to the Battlefield series or you are attempting multiplayer first time, you should know that the grenades in BF2042 are the main part of the battle. However, you will need to learn first and practice well when to utilize it at the right time.

That’s all for this guide on how to throw Grenades in Battlefield 2042.

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