How to Taunt or Do Celebration Run in Madden 22

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

The full version of Madden 22 is set to release on 20th August 2021. However, those players who have already pre-ordered the MVP and Dynasty Editions of this game can start playing 3 days earlier i.e. on 17th August 2021. Like every sports game, Taunting players is the fun way for the celebration but many players have no idea how to Taunt or Do Celebration Run in Madden 22. So, here we have prepared a complete yet easy guide to understand how to taunt in this game. Let’s learn in the following.

How to Taunt or Do Celebration Run in Madden 22

In order to Taunt or Do Celebration Run in Madden 22, make sure that there are no defenders around you while taunting or your celebration will turn into a fumble. So, make sure to keep enough space between defenders and you.

Now you need to press and hold the LT + RT + A button on Xbox OR press and hold down the L2 + R2 + X Button on PlayStation. When you press these buttons in the open field, it will activate showing off.

You can also press LT + X on the Xbox OR L2 + Square on PlayStation to dive into the endzone to further taunt the opponent player.

When you score a touchdown, make sure to move to your right stick left, right, up, and down and do some more celebrations that include spiking the ball, team celebration, and certain player-specific dances.

Here are the details of the celebration you can do by using the right stick once you have scored a touchdown

1. Right stick Left > Player will start dancing

2. Right stick Right > Spiking the ball

3. Right stick Up > Your team will celebrate together

4. Right stick Down > This will activate a player-specific celebration

That’s how you can Taunt or Do Celebration Run in Madden 22.

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