How to Tame Greylings in Valheim

You can tame boar and wolf in Valheim. Once tamed, they can be farmed for various resources, bread to reproduce more of their kind, etc. But, can you tame aggressive mobs like the Greylings in Valheim. The official version of the game so far does not allow you to tame creatures like the Greylings; however, a new mod available in NexusMods makes it possible to enslave the creatures and get them to perform a range of basic tasks. Overtime, you can perfect the creature into a pet capable to doing several chores. Here is what you need to know about taming or enslaving Greylings in Valheim.

Valheim – How to Tame Greylings

To tame to Greylings in Valheim, you will first have to download the above file from NexusMods. Once, downloaded, extract, copy, and, paste the RagnarsRokare_SlaveGreyling.dll file to your BepInEx plugin folder under Valheim. Once the mod has been set up, the next step is to find a Greyling. You also need two silver necklaces to feed the creature to tame it.

Once you see the creature feed it the two silver necklaces and it will follow you back to the village. You will have to feed the Greyling at regular intervals with Resin to keep it working. When not feed at the appropriate time, the wildness of the Greyling can take over. So, it necessary to keep it feeding.

You can enable the task performing mode and various other things in the configuration to get the creature to do things or change the interval of feeding. When the task mode is enabled, the Greyling will search the nearby areas for enabled task and complete them such as refilling kiln, fireplaces and smelters.

The Greyling is not a very smart creature, so don’t assign complex multi-level tasks or it can get stuck.

Check out the mod yourself and enjoy the game further. There is a lot of configuration you can meddle with. That’s all we have in this guide, check out the game category for more information and tips to play the game.

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