How to Tame Dogs/ Foxes in Minecraft

 How to Tame Dogs/ Foxes in Minecraft

Minecraft is a hardcore survival game where players need to do every required thing to survive and establish their own city or village. The world of Minecraft provides players with lots of things, and Dogs are one among them. Well, initially, there is no dog in the game, but players can tame a fox to turn them into a dog. If you are a new Minecraft player and looking for a way to tame a fox in Minecraft, this guide will help you with the process.

Can I Tame Fox in Minecraft? Explained

Dogs are one of the most loyal pets you can have, so naturally, when you find a fox in Minecraft who looks like a dog, you will be curious to tame them. So, if you are confused about whether you can tame a fox, the answer is yes. Players can tame foxes in Minecraft and turn them into loyal pets like dogs.

The Minecraft world has provided players with lots of resources, and players only need to use them in a proper way to make things better. For example, players can get Cows to get milk, Sheep to get wool, Horse to travel distance faster, and fox as pets who can fight mobs with you. However, initially, you have to tame them using bones.

Can I Tame Fox in Minecraft? Explained

There are three steps to tame a fox and make them pet-

  1. First collect bones. Bones can be found by killing Skeletons or inside chests in the Jungle Biome or Desert biome.
  2. Next, find Fox. Players can find Fox randomly in the world, especially in the Forest Biome.
  3. Once you get a fox, equip the bone and right-click on the fox. Taming a fox requires 1 to 3 bones, and players can tame as many foxes as they want using bones.

Once you tame a few foxes, they will become your greatest assistant to fight mobs. Your dogs will attack the person or mob that huts you.

That’s all you need to know about how to tame a fox/dog in Minecraft. However, you have to feed your dogs meat or bones to keep their health full, so they can also survive.


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