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How to Tail Targets without Getting Detected in Lost Judgement

How to Tail Targets without Getting Detected in Lost Judgement

You play Lost Judgement as Detective Yagami and one of the main tasks of any detective is to tail people without them detecting your presence or intentions. Lost Judgement has missions where you would be required to tail targets, so you need to know how to do it correctly. You will fail the mission if you are detected or you lose the target. When a target is lost, there is a timer within which you need to find your target again or the mission fails. Keep reading and we will show you how to tail targets without getting detected in Lost Judgement.

Lost Judgement – How to Tail Targets without Getting Detected

Different targets in the game have different perceptions of situations and some targets are harder to target than others. If a target suspects you, they will start to act irrationally making the job even more difficult for you. For the most part, you need to press the left stick to follow, but ensure there is sufficient distance between you and the target before you move. Sometimes the target can turn around and walk back. With the distance between you and the target, you can react to such sudden moves.

But, always keep in mind that the target is in sight or you may lose them. Getting too close can also raise suspicion, which can be monitored as a percentage at the top-right corner of the screen. At all times, keep an eye on the percentage.

If the target suspects you, there are a few things you can do, press down on the Triangle or Y button to act casual. You can also hide behind objects such as walls and cars. Hiding behind objects is auto in the game, you just need to duck behind the object and Yagami will take cover.

As you follow your target, you will see red squares on the ground. Standing on these red squares will make the target oblivious to your presence, no matter your distance from them. The game also has a range of perks that assist in tailing targets such as reducing suspicion, etc.

So, this is how to tail targets in Lost Judgment without getting detected.

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