How to Switch characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

How to Switch characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the latest installment in the Xenoblade Chronicles series by Monolith Soft. This is an action role-playing game that provides the players with the chance to explore a vast open world. If you have been playing the game, you must have noticed that character customization is there, but at the beginning of the game, there is no character switching feature. If you are in doubt and looking for a way to switch between your party members, this guide will help you know how to do that.

Can I Switch Characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3- How to Do?

If you have only started playing the game and looking for the option to switch between the party members, let me tell you, it is impossible to switch characters until you reach Chapter 2. Though all your party members have unique qualities and characteristics, until Chapter 2, there is no way to switch between them. Chapter 2 is the part where you have all your 6 members in your team, and you can switch between them whenever you want- during battles or exploration.

It takes approximately 6 to 10 hours to reach Chapter 2 of the game. Once you reach Chapter 2, follow the below steps to switch characters-

  1. Hold the ZL button on Nintendo Switch
  2. Press L or R to switch between your characters as many times as you want.

That’s all you need to know about switching characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. You can switch at any point once this feature becomes available. Switching Characters help the players to change characters on the battlefield and heal the injured characters. For example, Noah can perform healing on damaged teammates during the early stage of the game.

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