Halo Infinite

How to Super Slide in Halo Infinite

How to Super Slide in Halo Infinite

Players of various FPS games usually have some neat trick up their sleeves that they can use while in a fight. Halo Infinite players are no exception, and various move sets are used to not just ward off their enemies but also to look stylish on the battlefield. Here we will look at the move called Super Slide and how to perform it.  

Halo Infinite – How to Super Slide

If you are not familiar, Halo Infinite has various moves that players can use in-game to help them either in or out of battle. We will be looking at one such move called the Super Slide and how to perform it.

  • To start, the move can be pulled off if you are quick to repeat the movement consecutively. Also, it would be easier if you have bound your crouch to a button rather than a thumbstick.
  • To make a super slide happen, find an object you would like to stand on and face the direction you would like to go. Hold down the sprint button or key.
  • You will eventually hit the ground, and once you do, hold the crouch button.
  • You can pull this off easily if you are dropping small or medium-sized objects.
  • When done correctly, you will notice that you will be sliding down much faster than usual and would cover more ground than normal.
  • You can also use sprint and jump consecutively down a slide or hill to make you move faster, as seen in another FPS game Apex Legends.

There are many video tutorials that you can refer to if you feel that moving down a hill takes you forever to reach.

That’s all there is to know about how to use the Super Slide in Halo Infinite. This movement will help you get to your destination faster and will help you not waste a lot of time.

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