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How to Super Glide Easily with Controller and Keyboards in Apex Legends

How to Super glide easily on Controller and Keyboards in Apex Legends

When compared with the other battle royale games in the market, Movement is what makes Apex Legends stand out from the rest of the game, as solely depending on your aiming skills can only do so much, you might get a lot of kills, but being the champion will be a different part of the equation.

These advanced movement techniques not only allow you to escape a firefight when things get hairy but even dodge bullets if done right. But it’s all easier said than done. But once you master these, you will be giving the opponents a hard time. To get started, find the best curve setting to learn how to super glide

What is Super Glide in Apex Legends

Super glide is an advanced movement technique that allows you to launch yourself in the air and slide a significant distance by using a ledge. This will help in both escapes or pushing toward the enemy team.

How to Super Glide in Apex Legends (Both MNK and Controllers)

As for any movement techniques, it’s much easier to accomplish on a mouse and keyboard. And the methods are exactly the same, but what sets the mouse and keyboard apart is their flexibility, you don’t require to run certain settings unlike controllers where you need to have auto sprint on and set crouch on hold instead of toggle and set the layout as evolved which make it a tad bit easier to press all the buttons.

Now, this applies to both mouse and keyboard and controllers, to super glide successfully, grab a ledge, and the moment you reach the top, push forward and press jump and crouch at the same time, this will give you an initial speed boost. The timing is crucial here and will require a lot of practice to use in fights, if you miss the timing even by a few microseconds, you won’t get the speed boost and would probably get killed by the enemy team as you will be vulnerable and unarmed. This is why you will mostly only see pros’ using these techniques in the game.

So what are you waiting for? jump into the firing range and start jumping off ledges legends.

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