How to solve the Snake Puzzle in Atomic Heart

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Atomic Heart is the love-child of Bioshock and Wolfenstein, reincarnated in a Soviet realm with greater visuals and better weapons and more powers and lot more (oh, and no sprinting). While it presents you with its own tier of horror, formidable bosses, powers and weapons, there are certain moments that are supposed to serve as an escapade from the relentless fighting that keeps you on the edge of your seat. One such puzzle is the Snake Puzzle. So, what is the Snake Puzzle and how do you go about solving this? We shall tell you everything we know about this in this article and how to solve this as well.

How to solve the Snake Puzzle in Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart Red Arrow Puzzle Solution - How to Get Claire's Right Arm

The Snake Puzzle appears during the ‘Red Arrow’ goal, where you must locate Claire’s right limb. Claire’s companion attempts to help her find Claire’s arm, but a “large, elongated object” is blocking her scan ability. Your only option is to go inside and see what greets you.

When you first arrive, there will be a few foes to deal with. After you’ve defeated the enemies, proceed to the middle of the chamber and engage with the button. This will launch a game of Snake, a retro game in which the user must manage the snake and get it to consume and develop without colliding with any walls or itself. Snake became famous in the late 1990s and early 2000s because it was installed on most Nokia mobile phones.

This Snake interpretation in Atomic Heart is not excessively complex. To guide the snake’s movement, simply use the Arrow Keys on a mouse and computer, or the D-pad on a gamepad. Direct the serpent towards the jewels while dodging your own tail, and you’ll complete the riddle after gathering 10 diamonds. 

After completing the Snake Puzzle in Atomic Heart, you will receive an awoken Burav drill automaton. Fortunately, this big man is remarkably nice, and he gives you Claire’s right limb without any frightening boss fights. You can now return to Claire and replace her right limb.

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