How to Solve the Piano Puzzle in The Past Within: Chapter 2

 How to Solve the Piano Puzzle in The Past Within: Chapter 2

Rusty Lake is back with a new game, and it’s called The Past Within. This time, you will need a friend to solve the puzzles with. It is basically an escape room puzzle with a creepy vibe and dark twists, perfect for horror lovers who love solving puzzles. In this guide, we will take you through the process of how to solve the Piano puzzle in The Past Within: Chapter 2. 

Piano Puzzle Solution in The Past Within: Chapter 2

This guide is for the Piano puzzle, which follows the puzzle in the laboratory. Past will be able to see through the eye to see Albert’s shadow. If you want a guide on the previous puzzle, you can check out the link below.

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The next puzzle involves some music, as the Past Player will come across a piano. Rotate to the next side of the machine with the music key where you will be able to see it. On top of the piano, there is a number written on it. Make sure to memorize it, as you will need it later for the radio.

The Past player needs to pick up the radio from the room with the lockers. It will be on top of the lockers, and you need to click on it and change the frequency. It is the same number as that on top of the piano. The radio frequency is 78.3.

Once the Past Player has set it, the Future Player will see the musical notes on the radio. Relay them to the Past Player, who will play the notes on the piano. The notes are AGAB.

The piano will change to show a new number 114.3. After repeating the process of setting the radio, the new notes will play. It is CDEG.

This will happen twice more, so here are the radio frequencies and their notes:

  • 103.7 – EDEC
  • 89.1 – BAGA

After completing the steps, you will get the Tooth Key.

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