How to Solve the Blueprint Puzzle in The Past Within: Chapter 2

 How to Solve the Blueprint Puzzle in The Past Within: Chapter 2

Rusty Lake games are essentially escape room puzzles with a creepy vibe and dark twists, perfect for horror lovers who love solving puzzles. If you are looking for some horror, The Past Within is a new co-op experience in the spooky Rusty Lake series. In this guide, we will take you through the process of how to solve the Blueprint puzzle in The Past Within: Chapter 2. 

Blueprint Puzzle Solution in The Past Within: Chapter 2

Once you have found the blueprints, you will be able to progress to the next puzzle. If you have not obtained the blueprints yet, check out our guide for the last puzzle in the link below.

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The Future player will get the blueprints inside the right locker, which they can use to help the Past player. the blueprints will be able to tell you where Past Player needs to look to find the missing cogs of the machine. 

Using the blueprints, you can find the three hidden cogs inside the device frame. These are as follows.

  • At the front of the machine, left of the blood substance.
  • On top of the flesh substance.
  • Mechanical side of the machine, left side inside the frame.

Once you have found all the missing metal cogs, you will need to place them into the machine. Rotate them so they begin working. A doll will drop from the top, and you need to tap on it several times to get it to fall off the hook. 

After picking up the hook, you need to go to the device with the ear. There is a puzzle that you now need to solve with the ear and the hook, which you will find in the link below.

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