How to Solve the Blackboard Puzzle in The Past Within Chapter 2

 How to Solve the Blackboard Puzzle in The Past Within Chapter 2

The Past Within is a game in the Rusty Lake series, except this time it is a new co-op experience. Players will need to get a friend to solve the puzzles with. The puzzles might be difficult for some, so if you are stuck on any of the puzzles, we have guides for you. In this guide, we will take you through the process of how to solve the Blackboard puzzle in The Past Within: Chapter 2. 

Blackboard Puzzle Solution in The Past Within: Chapter 2

Once you have gotten the piece of chalk and the big tooth, you will be able to progress to the next puzzle. If you have not obtained the chalk yet, check out our guide for the last puzzle in the link below.

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After picking up the piece of chalk, you will need to move on to the blackboard. It is on the right side of the lockers. Use this chalk to draw some shapes on the blackboard. There is a code at the bottom which is X3Z1Y2.

The Future Player needs to relay this code to the Past. Once they input it into their device, they will get the following note.

Future player needs to use the underlined words to circle the same objects on the blackboard in the right order.

  • Coffin – 2nd shape, 1st row
  • Eyes – 6th shape, 2nd row
  • Soul – 4th shape, 3rd row
  • Cube – 6th shape, 1st row
  • Future – 5th shape, 3rd row
  • Bone – 5th shape, 2nd row
  • Flesh – 3rd shape, 2nd row
  • Blood – 3rd shape, 3rd row

After you have circled them, the hammer at the bottom will turn real and you can pick it up to move on to the next puzzle.

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