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How to Solve Chapter 8 Block Puzzle in Evil West

How to Solve Chapter 8 Block Puzzle in Evil West

Even though completing puzzles is not the central point while playing the new Evil West, there are a few puzzles you should finish to complete the central storyline. Of course, they are not so complicated, but you might need help with them in some cases. Read this guide, and you will discover how to solve Chapter 8 Block Puzzle in Evil West. 

Chapter 8 Block Puzzle in Evil West

Until you reach chapter 8, you will complete various quests and kill tonnes of monsters. And when you finally reach this chapter, you will be supposed to complete a mini puzzle. Fortunately, nothing is challenging about doing it. This mission is far from complex puzzles, which you can find in other video games.

But if you still have trouble with it, you can easily read this guide and discover how to rotate blocks and complete Chapter 8 Block Puzzle correctly. There is no time to lose. Let’s get started!

Solution For Chapter 8 Block Puzzle in Evil West

Once you start completing the puzzle, you will see 2 small blocks in front of you. So, move them to the upper left and upper right areas. These blocks are spawned to interrupt you; you do not need them to complete a puzzle.

Once you remove small interrupting blocks, you should look at 3 larger blocks that have unique pathways. These pathways will be used as navigation to help you solve the puzzle.

  • The block with front and back pathways should be arranged near your footprints on the upper level.
  • The block with the right pathway should be moved in front of the ledge containing the chest.
  • Finally, the last large block should be arranged near the second one. Check the screenshot below to check whether you have done it correctly.

With all blocks placed, you can quickly return to the place with the footprints. Walk across the bridge and open the chest at the end of your way. After that, you can quickly leave this place and continue completing the main questline in Evil West.

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