How to Shift Defensive Line in Madden 22 Pre-Snap

Tim Blisz
Tim Blisz

Choosing the right defensive play in Madden 22 is crucial to winning the match, but the other things you can change pre-snap can make your defense even stronger and able to counter the offense of the opponent. One of the things is having the right defensive line. The strategy varies from game to game. You may want them to spread out in one game while pinching in on the other. Hence, it’s important that you know how to shift the defensive line in Madden 22 pre-snap.

How to Shift Defensive Line in Madden 22 Pre-Snap

To shift the defensive line in Madden 22 before the snap, first chose the linemen. You can do this by pressing left on the D-pad. Next, use the analog stick to set the direction for the defensive line. It’s a quick process and over time as you play it would come naturally to you.

But, do note that the time you have to perform the defensive line shift is quite limited, only a few seconds at most. So, make up your mind fast.

One of the basic strategies you would want to use when shifting the defensive line is to pinch the line when you are facing problems stopping the run through the middle. Instead, if you are expecting the ball to be passed, spreading the defense is a good strategy. You also have the option to move the defense in either direction – the left or the right, if you feel the run is going to go through a particular direction.

You can move the defensive line in any direction you want using the analog stick. So, that’s how you can shift the line before the snap.  

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