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Sharpness is an important mechanics in Monster Hunter Rise and has been the same throughout the series. If you are new to the game or haven’t played it for a while, you need to brush up on the basics before you start playing because sharpness directly correlates to the amount of damage that your weapon deals. A blunt weapon is going to bounce off of the hard shell of the monster dealing no damage and possibly a knockback.

You can see the level of sharpness of your weapon in the meter below the Health and Stamina. It appears as a sword and is hard to miss. As you deal damage in the game the weapon will lose its sharpness and would require regular sharpening. Knowing how to sharpen weapon in Monster Hunter Rise is important and there are a few ways to do it.

Monster Hunter Rise – How to Sharpen Weapons

Most weapons in Monster Hunter Rise has the sharpness gauge, even weapons like hammers that don’t make much sense. Bowes and other ranged weapons have ammo. To sharpen a weapon in Monster Hunter Rise, access the Whetstone item from the Item Bar or the Radial Menu. Hold L to open up the Item Bar and use the A and Y to go to the Whetstone. Once at the item, release L and press Y to use the item.  

There are a few ways to sharpen the weapon in MHR. One, that’s same as the previous title in the series, sharpen it at any time during a fight, but that’s risky as you may be at the mercy of the monster. The second way that’s new to MHR uses the Palamute. You can mount on the Palamute and sharpen the weapon while moving. This way you can dodge the attacks of the monsters while sharpening the weapon.

Sharpening the weapon should come naturally to you and should be a part of the fight routine. You may have to sharpen the weapon a few times during the fight. The sharpness of a weapon has various colour classes. If the sharpness is at the White class, it deals the most damage with 1.32 of your weapons rated base damage. The Blue does 1.20, Green does 1.05, Yellow does 1.00, and anything below that (Orange and Red) do significantly less damage and should be sharpened.

Ideally, you would want to have the highest possible sharpness at all times but that’s impractical during a fight. Instead, you would want to sharpen weapons in MHR when the sharpness reduces to the Orange or Red. When your weapon is sharpened to the max, it also does more elemental damage. At Red and Orange, it does significantly less elemental damage.

Also, the sharpness and the rate at which it wares varies from weapons to weapons. Some weapons will have a large Green meter than others. Nevertheless, much of the sharpness mechanics of all weapons is the same.  

Note: The number we have shared above is for the purpose of understanding and relates to MHW. It may change a bit with MHR.  

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