How to Set Up Outriders Crossplay Voice Chat

How to Set Up Outriders Crossplay Voice Chat

Outriders is the latest title from the Publisher Square Enix. We played through the demo of the game and it’s amazing to say the least. The game was nearly bug-free in the solo mode, while the multiplayer has some glitches which the developers should be able to fix when the game releases. The game allows you to team-up in a group of three. The game has four classes, so one would assume the multiplayer team should include four members, but Square Enix must have their reasons for a 3 player co-op. It goes without saying, voice chat is important while playing a co-op game, especially when the players are geographically divided. The game also has Crossplay and supports almost all known platforms, so you can team up with friends on any platforms. But before you team up, you should know about the Outriders Crossplay Voice Chat.

How to Set Up Outriders Crossplay Voice Chat

At the time of writing this post and the reports of the state of Outriders releasing on 1st April, we can confirm that the game does not have a Crossplay voice chat feature, but that does not mean there aren’t other ways you can communicate with your party members. We sure hope the developers would understand the importance of the feature in the game and incorporate it at a later date.

Quite a number of other games released recently did not have the voice chat feature but that didn’t hamper their popularity due to third-party applications like Skype and Discord. If you are an Xbox Player, you obviously have the options of the Xbox party chat, which is often more reliable. So, even if Outriders Crossplay voice chat is not available as an easily accessible option, you can use a variety of other applications to perform the function.

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