How to Sell Consumables in FIFA 22

How to Sell Consumables in FIFA 22

Consumables are applicable items in FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) that represent a usage for the entire Squad including a Manager Card and a Player Card. These items help to improve, add, modify, or boost a feature when applies to a Manager or Player card. A consumable card can be consumed and eliminated from your club when it is used to apply on a Manager/Player or a Squad. At one point, you will need to sell these consumables in FIFA 22 in order to make some money so you don’t require selling your players. Here is How to Sell Consumables in FIFA 22.

How to Sell Consumables in FIFA 22

One of the ways to sell consumables in FIFA 22 is through the main menu where you apply consumables to players. However, it will reset the menu every time you do so, which makes the whole process very lengthy and time taking. So, the best method is to do it in a hidden way.

Here is the easy method to sell consumables in FIFA 22.

Go to the My Club Section >>Transfers section from the main Ultimate Team menu >> Select Transfer List option. 

Then you will be taken to that section where you have listed the things for sale. Once you reach this section, simply press L3 and a Club Search menu will be opened. From this section, you can easily sell consumables. To change the consumables search type, press Triangle/Y to bring all together in a list. Then press X/A on the particular consumables which you want to sell off.

Then you can select a list on Transfer Market, then set the selling price, and place them for sale.

By doing this, it will not reset the search when you eliminate one and so you can quickly sell another item.

That’s all for this guide on How to Sell Consumables in FIFA 22.

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