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How to Scan Boarding Pass in Among Us

It’s was a disappointing news when the developers announced there won’t be a second title for Among Us, but on the bright side, more wonderful things are coming to the current game, so that’s something to look forward to. Until the update of the game brings some changes, as a crewmate you are expected to complete the same old tasks. One of them is scanning the boarding pass. While some tasks in the game are a piece of cake, others can be a bit tricky such as unlocking the manifold and scanning the boarding pass. Nothing to worry about though, we’ve got you covered with our helpful guides. In this post, we will show you how to scan boarding pass in Among Us. Keep scrolling for more information.

How to Scan Boarding Pass in Among Us

Scan the boarding pass is a task you will have to perform when you are playing as crewmate on the Polus map. It’s located in the office. In order to complete the task, you have to make your way to the office without getting killed by an Imposter. Like all tasks, when you reach the office, interact with the task  and you will be able to see the red scanner.

Now, you have to scan your boarding pass to complete the task. Click on the yellow triangle in the left to draw the boarding pass. You should be able to see a large yellow arrow, click on it and it will flip the boarding pass. Bring the pass above the scanner and scanner should turn green. That’s it the task is completed. Now, you can proceed to completing other tasks.

Step-By-Step Instruction to Scan Boarding Pass

Here are the step-by-step instructions you need to follow to scan the boarding pass in Among Us.

  1. Go to Office in the Polus map
  2. Interact with the task in the office and a red scanner will appear
  3. Bring up the boarding pass by pressing the yellow triangle on the left of the screen
  4. Flip the boarding pass by pressing the yellow arrow
  5. Drag the pass over the scanner and when it turns green the task is completed.

Most tasks in Among Us is pretty quick, knowing the exact step to accomplish tasks and completing it as fast as possible gives little time to the imposter to get to you. Especially, when the location of the task has a vent. Hopefully, you know now how to scan boarding pass in Among Us and you are a step closer to finding the imposter or imposters.

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