How to Save Game in One Piece Odyssey

 How to Save Game in One Piece Odyssey

A turn-based role-playing game, One Piece Odyssey lets players control Monkey D. Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates outside of combat. Navigating, collecting goods, and solving puzzles are all done by the playable characters using their respective skills, which correspond to their powers. It switches to a battle screen as soon as an adversary is engaged in combat. This fighting system is based on the concept of “Scramble Area Conflict.”.

One Piece Odyssey uses a similar saving mechanism to those old RPGs that required you to choose a save point before you could save your progress. Let’s see in this guide how to do it.


How to Save Game in One Piece Odyssey?

In One Piece Odyssey, you cannot save your progress. Instead, you must reach one of the many save points scattered throughout the game. When you interact with a save point, your whole party will be healed. It’s therefore always a good idea to pull over whenever you see one. The good news is that they are never far apart, and One Piece Odyssey does a fantastic job of placing save points before and after big battles.

It is important to remember that, even if you die, you will resurrect at the last place you saved, which is the most recent save point in One Piece Odyssey. Even if you forget to save, One Piece Odyssey has a backup autosave feature. As a result, you’ll rarely lose much work if something goes wrong. You should not rely on it too much, and you should save regularly.

This concludes our guide on how to save the game in One Piece Odyssey. Keep up with our other guides to stay updated on the game.

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