How to Revive Teammates in Hyper Scape

Like all Battle Royale games, death is always close in Ubisoft’ s Hyper Scape. The game has a total of 99 players divided into teams of 3. The objective is to be the last team standing or to be the first team with the crown. With so many players, it’s likely you will get shot at some point, no matter how good you are at Battle Royale games. However, the game provides you with a chance at revive, but you cannot respawn yourself. You can revive a teammate or other players in your team can revive you. To revive a teammate in Hyper Scape, the player needs to become an Echo with restore point. Let’s dig deeper into how you can respawn teammates in Hyper Scape.

How to Revive Teammates in Hyper Scape

Teamwork is essential if you want to get revived, but doesn’t any multiplayer games. So, you would want to play with friends in Hyper Scape, for better understanding. In Hyper Scape, when you are killed that’s not the end of the rope. You return to the game as an Echo – a digital ghost that’s invisible to other players. As an Echo you cannot use hacks and weapons, but you can still provide the team with tactical advantage. Even when eliminated you can help your team by locating loot and enemies. As you get accustomed to the game, you will realize that being an Echo is in fact an advantage in the game if your team manages to revive you. Use the ping system to scout and alert the team of loot and enemies. Being an Echo, you won’t be able to break doors or take other forceful routes as other contenders in the game, so plan your way out carefully.  

When an enemy is eliminated in the game, they leave behind a single-use restore point. As an Echo you need to locate these restore points and alert your team of the location. Restore points are visible on the map. When your team arrive at the location, they can revive you using the restore point. When revived to your contender form, you will not regain your hacks and weapons, but you will still have your ammo.

It’s essential to note that the respawn process takes a while and the team is not in an open space or where they can be ambushed by other teams. As everyone knows about the restore point, teams may be ambushing the area, so as an Echo you should ensure the revive process is secured before indicating your team.

To Sum Up – Respawn in Hyper Scape

To get revived in Hyper Scape, you first need to become an Echo, which happens automatically after you are eliminated. As an Echo, you need to locate the golden restore point that drops after an opponent is terminated. Alert your team of the respawn point and when they arrive, your teammates can interact with the restore point to revive you. Additionally, your team can also terminate an opponent an create an instant restore point.

So, that’s all you need to know to get revived or revive your teammates in Hyper Scape. Read our other guides, to learn more about the game.