How to Restock Bandages in Chivalry 2

When you are injured in Chivalry 2, there are mainly three ways to heal. You can heal yourself by eating food, using the supplies, and by using a bandage. All of these are a good option and you have to be cured throughout the game so the game has offered every character a bandage so you can start the healing process as soon as you’re injured. The only problem is that after using a piece of bandage, it will be out of stock and you need to pick up more. So, today we are going to learn how to restock bandages in Chivalry 2.

How to Restock Bandages in Chivalry 2

When you need to add more bandages in your stock, you can find them on the battlefield are there are two ways to get them:

1. Footman from your teammates can provide

If anyone of your teammates playing as a footman in your team, they can build up bandage crates and they can throw down on the battlefield. These crates will not only help to heal players but also, are valuable as they offer an extra bandage to you.

2. Use ammo crates

In case, you do not have footmen in your team, do not worry! Here we are going to discuss the other method by which you can add bandage to your stock. To get it on your own, check out ammo crates in the maps.

Once you find them, you can loot them and get extra bandages. These ammo crates don’t only provide bandages but these boxes will also refill your arrows and other items. So, it is recommended to go with this option as along with bandages, crates will also give you arrows which you can use throughout the game.

That’s how you can restock bandages in Chivalry 2.

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