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How to Reset a DualSense Wireless Controller (PS5)

Resetting your PS5 DualSense wireless controller can get rid of several issues. It is also necessary to reset a controller if you bought it second hand. This will erase any settings and restore the controller to its default factory state.

However, figuring out how to reset a controller can be a bit of a headache. Thus, in this guide we will show you how to reset your DualSense wireless controller.

Steps to Reset a DualSense wireless controller

To reset your DualSense controller, follow these steps:

Step 1: Turn off your PlayStation 5 console. If you are on PC, disconnect the DualSense controller and turn of the computer.

Step 2: Next, search for the reset button hole on the back of your controller. It is mostly perceived as a small black piercing just below the CNC ID and to the right of the SONY® branding.

The reset button on the Sony DualSense controller (Image Credit: Sony)

Step 3: Use a small tool, like a mobile SIM ejector tool or a straightened paper clip, to push the button inside the hole. Hold the tool inside for around 3-5 seconds. This will reset the controller to its original factory settings.

Insert a SIM ejector tool inside the button hole

Step 4: Once you have released the button, connect the controller to the PlayStation 5 console via a USB Type C cable. Now, press the PS button. This will download and install any updates to the wireless controller device software in case it needs them.

Resetting a PS5 controller is one of the easiest fixes to try in case it starts to mis-behave. Resetting fixes issues like the controller won’t pair with the console, the Bluetooth connectivity is not working, or if you want to pair the controller with another device.

The steps listed above will help you to easily reset your DualSense. With their latest controller, Sony has made it extremely easy to reset it.

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