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New World – How to Repair Weapons and Armor

New World - How to Repair Items

With the weapons and armor constantly put to the test in New World, every once in a while you would want to repair them. Before you can repair an item in the game, you require the repair parts and gold, lots of gold. Refer our guide on how to farm gold. As you face monsters and mobs in the game, the weapons loses its durability, which can be seen on the durability scale. When the weapon loses all its durability it will break. Repairing allows you to retain the durability or bring a broken weapon to life again. In this guide, we will show you how to repair items (weapons and armor) in New World.

How to Repair Weapons and Armor in New World

To repair weapons and armor in New World, you require gold and Repair Parts. While getting gold is quite obvious the repair parts can only be salvaged from existing weapons and armor or dismantling. There is no other way to get the Repair Parts. You cannot buy it from other players. You will come across a lot of weapons in the game some better than others. You can dismantle the weapon you don’t require or don’t plan on selling to get the Repair Parts.

Once you have chosen the weapon that you don’t require, turning them into repair parts is quite easy. Simply go to the weapon with your cursor, hit S key and then lift-click on it. This will instantly turn the weapon and armor in Repair Parts.

You also require gold to perform the repair. Gold can be obtained by completing missions or quests, selling looted items that you don’t require, and selling resources you find in the world of Aethernum. You can also sell items that you craft, but for a good price you need to advance quite further into the game.

Once you have the gold and the Repair Items, the rest of the process to repair weapon and armor is quite straightforward. Simply select the item you want to repair by hovering over it, press the R key and then left click on the mouse. If you have all the required resources, it will return the durability of the item; thus, repairing it.

That’s all we have in this guide, check out the game category for more informative guides and tips to play the game.   

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