How to Repair the Boat in Valheim – Raft, Karve, and Longship

The Ocean is an important Biome in Valheim. Besides some unique resources it has to offer, it connects you to other biomes like the Ashlands. To explore the vast ocean in the game, you require a boat. The game has three types you can choose from – Raft, Karve, and Longship. However, every once in a while the boat will get damaged due to encounters with various creatures such as Trolls, Sea Serpent, etc. In such a case, you need to repair the boat. So, you need the know-how. Keep scrolling and we will show you how to repair a boat in Valheim – Raft, Karve, and Longship.

How to Repair the Boat in Valheim – Raft, Karve, and Longship

To build and repair a Raft, Karve, and Longship in Valheim, you require the Workbench. You do not require any additional resources to repair the boat.

However, the boat must be placed near a water body such as the riverbank or the shores of the sea. The boat must also be in the workable radius of the Workbench. You will also require the Hammer from Inventory to perform the repair.

Rapair raft

Raft, Karve, and Longship take damage when attacked by mobs, but can also take damage simply sailing, but it’s low. It shows the yellow durability meter just like every buildable item in the game. You can equip the Hammer and go to the boat to repair it. Click the left-mouse mutton to repair.

The process is the same for all types of boat. That’s all we have in this guide. Check out the game category for more informative guides and tips.  

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